Step-by-Step Guide to Gutter Installation


Looking for a cost-effective way to save on a home improvement project? Gutter installation can be a great DIY project completed in a day or two.


It’s no secret that properly installed gutters are important to protect your home investment. Forgoing an applied drainage system leaves your home vulnerable to foundation and siding damages. With a few simple tools you can add gutters to your house or structure using this guide.


  1. Prepare for Your Purchase – Consider whether aluminum or vinyl gutter is best for your home’s needs and aesthetics. While aluminum is more durable, vinyl is easier to install. Remember to take measurements. You will need:
  • Gutter length
  • Elbows
  • Downspout
  • Brackets
  • End Pieces
  • Hex head screws
  • 1/8” rivets
  • Sealant
  • Extension ladder
  • Drill
  • Rivet Gun


  1. Determine Gutter Placement – Remember, your gutter needs to hand low enough that it will catch rainwater without it spilling over. Extend it over the edge level with the slope of your roof, allowing for a pitch.


  1. Construct Gutter Line–It’s best to tackle this step on the ground. Connect all of your pieces using sealant on all connections and ends. Keep in mind that aluminum gutters do require crimping along the seams. Cut and measure holes for each downspout location.


  1. Hang and Connect – This step is similar to putting together a puzzle. Match your pitch alignment while drilling brackets along your roofline at regular intervals. Connect downspouts and elbows. Don’t be afraid to alter your original plan to improve drainage and water flow.


  1. Determine Catch System – Water that is collected through your gutter drainage system should clear safely the immediate soil base of your home. Accomplish this with a catch basin kit or barrel, or implement a placement of stones as a means to encourage slower ground seepage.


  1. Keep Your Eye on Maintenance – Whatever type of system you install make sure to check it regularly. You’ve worked hard on your project, and proper maintenance will go a long way in keeping it working perfectly! Go to an information and service provider website: Great windows Whitby