The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating an Accent Wall

Accent wells are alive and performing well in the home decorating industry. These stylish and simple color accents have remained popular for their flexibility. There are an unlimited amount of painting options for your accent wall, including other colors and materials.Accent Wall

If you’re thinking about adding an accent wall in your home, consider these do’s and don’ts.

DON’T shy away from bold colors. As long you decide on the right accent for your room, most colors that fit well within your home décor are game for your home improvement.

DO think outside the box. Your accent wall is completely unique to you and your home. If it fits well within your room’s design, consider other painting options and styles other than solid colors, such as stripes, metallic paint, or even sheik wallpapers.

DON’T forget that you have more options than just paint. Have you thought about tile or stone for your accent wall? Strategically placed shelving and other decorations call also work well architecturally, in addition to providing storage features. Also consider artwork, a photo gallery, or even a fabric-draped wall.

DO consider an accent wall even if your primarily color pallet is neutral. Accent walls work just as well with muted and neutral colors as they do with vibrant pops of color.

DO consider the colors on your other walls. Accent walls traditionally look well when they adjoin walls that are a medium to a lighter shade. Accent walls placed in an all-white room can have a stunning effecting but are still tricky to fit well within your aesthetics. It’s best to balance a strong accent color with color neutrals or softer mid-tone accents to help bridge the difference.

DO mix it up. Have you ever considered the ceiling as your accent wall? This chic decorating style is all about adding color pops to the ceiling, creating a stylish, creative look

DON’T forget about wallpaper. Wallpapers are an easy and quick way to give you that the desired designer looks without the commitment.